All about the Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit

The Monsanto’s roundup is the most commonly used weed killer used by the farmers on their crops. It is made with glyphosate and 200 million people use the glyphosate on their crops to protect their crop from weeds.

The use of this weed killer on the crops has lead to cancer in the humans. The millions of people have suffered from cancer.

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This is the reason several lawsuits are filed against this. As they have faced a lot due to this and now want justice for the pain they have faced so far.

If you are also one of them then contact the professionals at who will tell you a better way to deal with this situation and will also help you in hiring a professional lawyer who has great experience in dealing this kind of cases related to the lawsuits.

The Monsanto is not even environment-friendly. The company who developed this weed killer is facing several critics and lawsuits worldwide. Everyone wants justice for the pains they are suffering from.

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The lawsuit filed against this weed killer was popular with the name of Monsanto roundup cancer lawsuit. Earlier the company was accepting the fault that roundup is causing cancer. As they were telling the farmers that roundup is safe to use.

But after doing a meaningful research on this product it was declared that it is the major reason for cancer. The people who have suffered from cancer disease and were using this weed killer that means the reason for their disease is this weed killer only.

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This research has brought forward the side effects from this weed killer i.e Bone cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma, kidney cancer and other cancers. You can also visit this website to know more about the round cancer lawsuit.